Day 798 [Ukraine War Map] Game Changer! Russia is suffocating under the massive missile attack

Day 798 [Ukraine War Map] Game Changer! Russia is suffocating under the massive missile attack

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The situation in Ukraine on May 1, 2024
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2:27 Ukrainian Army’s Largest Ever Successful Organized Missile Strike, Russian Forces Breathing the Breath of the Bug
4:57 IMF forecasts decline in Russia’s economic status to financial crisis level
6:15 War situation in various regions
6:30 Northeastern Luhansk Oblast, Eastern Bakhmut, Harkiv, Terney, ChasivYar
12:57 Southeast Donetsk Oblast, in the direction of Avdiivka and Marinka
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Red: Russian side Blue: Ukrainian side Orange: disputed
There are squares of 10 km on each side in some places.
Size of the field: about 1kmX1.6km
What were the losses of the Ukranian military?
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The largest coordinated missile attack to date on military targets in Russian-occupied Crimea.
Although the Ukrainian military is silent and the Russian military claims no damage,
social networking sites report that explosions were heard at several locations in Krasnopelekopsky,
and Simferopol.
In Simferopol,
a Russian air defense unit was hit by a missile and caught fire,
burning for more than an hour and a half and injuring a number of Russian soldiers,
according to the Telegram channel,
while the air defense unit of the Saki air base and the Jankoy air base also reported attacks,
injuring at least nine Russian soldiers as far as we know.
There are also reports that at least nine Russian soldiers have been wounded.
The extent of the damage is unknown,
but Defense Express reports that unconfirmed reports from Russia indicate that four anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed,
and in Crimea,
Russia’s latest S400 air defense system deployed at Cape Tarkankut was destroyed by ATACMS on April 28.
The report states that this time,
there was likely to be catastrophic damage,
mainly to airfields and anti-aircraft targets,
given the fact that
This creates a blind spot on Russia’s radar and increases the likelihood that Ukraine’s offensive will be accelerated,
as cruise missiles and suicide drones,
which could have been shot down in the past,
can be deployed.
According to military analyst Kovalenko,
“It would take at least 30 ATACMS to destroy Crimea’s air defense system.
Especially in Evpatoria,
where Russia’s most advanced air defense systems are concentrated,” he said,
adding that an attack on the air defense systems is crucial to destroying the Crimean Bridge.
And according to the New York Times,
“The United States has shipped about 100 ATACMS to Ukraine as of March,” and U.S.
coordinating spokesman Kirby stated on March 30 that “there is no evidence that Russian forces have succeeded in shooting down any ATACMS,” while at the same time revealing that “a significant number of ATACMS “A significant number of ATACMS were transported to Ukraine.
Military analyst Philip Carper told Radio Free Europe that “this attack could render Crimea militarily worthless.”
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report predicting that “the position of the Russian economy will continue to decline.
The study estimated the output of goods and services in terms of purchasing power parity,
and found that Russia’s share of world output will decline by 0.05% from 2.94% in 2023 to 2.9% in 2025 and 2.85% in 2026.
If this trend continues,
the share will be lower than the 2.83% share in the Russian financial crisis of 1998.
The IMF also expects Russia’s economy to continue to slow,
growing only 1.8% in 2025 and 1.3% in 2029.
According to economist Alexandra Saslina,
“Russia will raise taxes to finance the war effort,