Day 779 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

Day 779 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

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Here is a short news report about the situation in Ukraine.

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According to Norwegian Nettavisen, Norway is preparing to transport 22 F-16s, engines, auxiliary equipment, simulators, spare parts and other related equipment complete sets to Ukraine, 12 of which are ready for immediate use.

It was announced last summer that Norway would provide F-16s to Ukraine, but this is the first time the specific number of aircraft has been revealed.

The timing of the offer is likely to be after the NATO summit in July, according to the article.

The European Parliament voted not to approve the Council of the European Union’s budget until additional Patriots are provided to Ukraine.

This means that the Council of the European Union will not be able to use its new budget to cover the costs of running the Council.

The European Parliament is a check on the Council of the European Union, which is made up of the heads of state and government of the EU, and important decisions must be approved by both the European Parliament and the Council.
There is a fixed number of members per member state, and members are directly elected.

According to MEP Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister, who proposed the resolution, there are currently 100 Patriot systems in the member states, but Ukraine has an urgent need for them, and he proposed that they urge Ukraine to find seven to provide them, and the floor was filled with thunderous applause and the resolution passed by an overwhelming margin of 515 to 62 The resolution passed by an overwhelming margin of 515 to 62.

Russia is preparing to send stray dogs to the front.
In Ugla, in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, stray dogs are being trained, given various skills, and sent to the Russian army.

It is believed that millions of stray dogs are killed in Russia, although there are no statistics,
According to Kolmogorova, director of the Grom Dog Center and president of the Russian Veterans Branch, “Stray dogs are originally intended for disposal, but they have various abilities that make them useful to the military.
They are particularly effective in clearing minefields, they can quickly detect underground mines, and even if they detonate a mine, the soldier will not be hurt”.

As the experience of the Great Patriotic War in Russia has shown, the inherent aggressiveness of dogs can be used to confuse the enemy by making them jump into enemy trenches in a position battle, and small, fast dogs can also be used to consume more ammunition than necessary. The dogs are also less expensive, don’t drink alcohol and don’t take drugs,” he said, emphasizing the benefits of training the stray dogs.