Day 770 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

Day 770 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

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Here is a short news report on the situation in Ukraine.

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According to Reuters, there was a drone attack on one of Russia’s five largest refineries in the Republic of Tatarstan.
The video shows the drone crashing into the distillation tower with an air raid alarm and bursting into flames with an explosion.

The attack took place at the Taneko refinery, 1,300 kilometers from the Ukrainian front line, which is the third largest oil refinery in Russia.

Russian authorities say the fire was small and did not disrupt production, but local officials say 12 people were injured and at one point a fire broke out in the refinery’s equipment.

This is the first time a Ukrainian drone has flown 1,300 kilometers and accurately reached its target without being shot down.

Regarding the attack, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said, “The United States does not support an attack on Russian oil refinery facilities,” but French Foreign Minister Sejournet said, “Ukraine exercised its right to self-defense.”

The attack means that Russia has lost about 15% of its oil refining capacity.

Estonian Defense Minister Pefkul told the country’s newspaper reporters that Estonia has identified the presence of new artillery shells worth 2 to 3 billion euros, which could be shipped within two months if funding is secured.

The ammunition consists of 122-mm rockets, 122-mm, 152-mm and 155-mm artillery shells, estimated at about one million rounds.

Military expert Kovalenko reported that the Russian military lost 1,546 vehicles in March, a record number.

He pointed to the lack of armored vehicles in the Russian military, reporting that “even in situations where armored vehicles are originally used, trucks and other unarmored vehicles are used to compensate for the lack of vehicles.

Indeed, other statistics also show a sharp increase in truck losses, suggesting a shortage of armored vehicles in the Russian army, in addition to the recent increase in Russian offensives.