Day 716 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

Day 716 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

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Here is a brief update on the news regarding the situation in Ukraine.
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Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin is now available.
Here is a brief summary of the two-hour interview conducted by a Western journalist who opposes U.S. support for Ukraine,
The first question was,
“Why did you start invading Ukraine?” The president spent half an hour telling his own story,
which seemed to depress Carlson,
who asked,
“So why did you invade now,
after being president for 24 years?” He replied,
“It was never called Ukraine,
it was finally enshrined as part of Russia,” denying the existence of a country called Ukraine and insisting that it is part of Russia.

The following are some of the statements that stood out: When asked when he last spoke with President Biden,
he replied,
“I can’t remember,
why should I remember everything?” He replied,
“I can’t remember.
Regarding the Wall Street Journal reporters detained in Russia,
he refused to immediately release them.
He claimed that the U.S. was responsible for the explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline.
The president said that “Russia has not yet achieved its goals in Ukraine” and asked,
“Are you satisfied with the territory you have now? He did not answer the question,
“Are you satisfied with the territory you have now?
He concluded by saying that “it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield,” adding that “the West seems to be aware of this. We are ready for dialogue”,
adding that “Ukraine does not want to respond to dialogue”.

President Zelensky dismissed Commander Zaruzhny and appointed Commander Shirsky as Supreme Commander.

According to the President’s speech,
Commander Shirsky was the commander who commanded the Kyiv defense operation and the liberation of Kharkiv (Kharkiv),
and according to the article,
while he is a good commander,
he has little support from his men,
is called a “butcher” by some soldiers,
and is seen on the front lines wary that there may be an impossible attack It comes to mind.

Starlink seems to have been given to Russia.

According to information posted on social networking sites by soldiers on the front lines,
the Russian military has purchased large quantities of Starlink and has begun to use it systematically in the occupied territories.

Starlink is a satellite-based Internet communications system founded by Elon Musk that was initially provided to Ukraine free of charge and attracted a lot of attention,
but it gradually became unstable after Elon Musk made contact with the Russian ambassador and was later changed to a pay-as-you-go system. It was later changed to a pay-as-you-go basis,
and the Ukrainian military’s communications were frequently disrupted during operations.

Recent reports from the Ukrainian military frontlines have often referred to extremely slow Internet speeds.

Starlink’s differences with Russia stand out in contrast to companies like Apple and Google,
which have shut down their services in Russia due to sanctions.