Day 710 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

Day 710 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

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Here is a brief news update on the situation in Ukraine.
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Former President Trump, who is still running for the US presidential nomination, has changed his mind about supporting Ukraine.

In a speech in Las Vegas, he said, “We should not cut off aid to Ukraine, but we should ask European countries to match the amount of aid we give.

O’Brien, Trump’s former security adviser, said in a lengthy interview with a magazine, “The U.S. will focus on military assistance.
If we give money, it could be misused, but not weapons.” He said that Republicans could agree with him if the U.S. focused on providing weapons while leaving economic assistance to the Europeans.

The Trump campaign has avoided making support for Ukraine an issue, since the latest polls show that even if he were to run for president, he would not be able to attract independents at this point.

And since Speaker Johnson is an admirer of former President Trump and tends to act in accordance with his views, we can expect some sort of agreement on Ukraine assistance in the near future.

Forbes counted the number of times Russian Lancet suicide drones were used and reported that the number dropped by half after August, to 59 times last December.

As a possible reason, the report noted that last year’s explosion at the Zagorsk optical machinery plant in Moscow may have disrupted the supply of cameras for the Lancet.

The explosion, which occurred on August 9 last year, was described by the Russians as a fireworks factory, but was in fact a military factory that made sights and other equipment. 43 people were injured in the explosion, four buildings were completely destroyed, and 20 buildings were partially destroyed.

Ecuador, a South American country, will turn over old Soviet-made weapons to the U.S. for disposal in exchange for $200 million worth of weapons from the U.S. to fight the country’s increasingly violent criminal gangs.

Ecuador has old Soviet-made weapons from the 1960s and 1970s, including Mi17 helicopters and 9K38 Igla anti-aircraft missiles.

There is some indication that these are being serviced in the U.S. and sent to Ukraine,
But then Russia got wind of the story and suddenly imposed banana sanctions, banning imports as of the 5th of this month because of the discovery of the dangerous pest humpback whale fly in bananas produced in Ecuador.

Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of bananas, accounting for 20% of the country’s exports.