Day 698 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

Day 698 NEWS about Ukraine and Russia situation

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Here is a short news report on the situation in Ukraine.
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As we reported at the beginning of yesterday’s video,
the Ukrainian military has carried out three successful drone strikes on key facilities on Russian territory in the last four days,
hitting Russian oil and gas infrastructure one by one.
a Rosneft oil storage facility exploded last Thursday and Friday,
followed by a drone strike on the terminal of the Russian oil and gas giant Novatek on Sunday,
and then a drone strike on the terminal at the port of Leningrad,
which resulted in at least three explosions and a fire.

as a bit of trivia,
Leningrad and St. Petersburg are the same place,
and although the name was changed from Leningrad to St. Petersburg by referendum when the Soviet Union collapsed,
Leningrad was famous as an industrial city and is still in use.

This led to a fire at the Ust-Luga port terminal and the nearby Novatek oil refinery,
crippling the functioning of Russia’s largest port and halting the production of naphtha,
diesel fuel,
and heavy fuel oil.

The successful drone strike 900 kilometers in a straight line from the Ukrainian border means that air defenses don’t work on Russian territory,
and St. Petersburg is also President Putin’s hometown,
and this Novatek company is owned by President Putin’s friend,
billionaire Tymchenko,
who is a shareholder in Novatek is also known as a company in which Putin’s friend and billionaire Tymchenko is a shareholder,
sending a strong message from Ukraine.

The Bild notes that in addition to attempts to remove Russian troops from Russian-occupied territory,
the Ukrainian military has shifted its focus to destroying infrastructure on Russian territory through drone strikes.

Former President Trump praised Hungary’s President Orban,
who is said to be close to Russia.

In a speech at a campaign rally in Manchester,
New Hampshire,
President Trump said of Prime Minister Orban,
“Some people don’t like him because he’s too strong.
But it’s great to have a strong man leading the country,” and called him “a great man.

Is he finally not hiding it anymore?

The Telegraph reported how the Ukrainian military is building 1,000 kilometers of new concrete trenches and underground command posts.

The defensive lines being built are lined with reinforced barbed wire,
obstacles called “dragon’s teeth” and anti-tank bunkers,
with fortifications spaced less than 1.6 kilometers apart,
modeled on the Slovikin line built by Russia,
but with added flexibility in case they are removed in the near future and attack Russian-occupied territory.

According to experts,
the Ukrainian military plans to replenish its forces this year and rebuild them next year,
President Zelensky ordered the construction of fortifications at the end of last year and is reinforcing them with multiple layers of positions accordingly.