CRITICAL! Ukraine Receives New Weapons | Russian Air Defence is Failing

CRITICAL! Ukraine Receives New Weapons | Russian Air Defence is Failing

CRITICAL! Ukraine Receives New Weapons | Russian Air Defence is Failing

Ukraine is moving to an important phase in the war by acquiring new weapons. It can be observed that the Ukrainian army has effective long-range weapons in attacks against Russian targets in the Leningrad region. We are about to enter a new era in the war with new developments. Please subscribe for free and show your support.

The expert explains that the distance to the target in a straight line for these weapons, which are used to bypass Russian air defense centers, is between 700 and 900 kilometers. This indicates a capability that can bypass Russian air defense systems and target invaders’ economic activities and logistics facilities. He notes that these long-range weapons can neutralize Russian air defense systems and hit facilities that the invaders use to supply fuel and lubricants to their armies.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting decisively against the invaders on many sectors of the front. The advance south of Krasnohorivka was reported by the Institute for War Studies.

According to Russian and Ukrainian sources, positional battles are taking place in the northwest of Bakhmut near Grigorovka and Bogdanovka. The Russian Ministry of Defense published images showing the participation of units of the Russian 106th Airborne Division in the incident in which Vesely was allegedly captured on January 18.

Geolocation images show that the invaders have moved beyond the railway section south of Avdiivka. The advance of Ukrainian troops towards the Trudovskaya mine south of Krasnohorivka can be clearly seen in geolocation images.

Geolocation images released on January 22 show Russian troops advancing slightly north of Nikolskoye. Additionally, Ukrainian sappers reportedly captured 11 Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

Engineers of the 808th separate support regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are intensively carrying out combat missions in eastern Ukraine. “Think of how fiercely the Armed Forces fought, even if the reinforcements captured the enemies. We are proud and wish you a successful hunt,” the message read, emphasizing Ukraine’s power of resistance. Subscribe and hear the latest developments from us. See you in the next video.

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