Day[680]News about ukraine

Day[680]News about ukraine

Old map for more than one years.

Objective military situation of Ukraine and Russian conflict.

This is the situation map

Here is a short news report on the situation in Ukraine.
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On New Year’s Eve in Mariupol,
Russian troops drank with poisoned alcohol,
poisoning and killing 20 people.

According to Russian media,
the soldiers held a banquet to celebrate the New Year,
but the alcohol contained a powerful sleeping drug,
and when the soldiers fell asleep,
someone broke in and by the next morning they were all dead.

Among the dead were two Russian military officers,
and on December 29,
it was also revealed that the partisan organization “Mariupol Resistance” had posted on a social networking site hinting at the crime,
saying that they had prepared alcohol with an unknown substance.

As reported in a previous video,
26 Russian soldiers died mysteriously in Mariupol in one week last October,
and another 15 showed symptoms of poisoning.

A male double for President Vladimir Putin has been identified.

Political scientist Solovei declared on social networking sites that the real Putin died on October 26 last year and that all of President Putin’s public appearances are doubles.

For example,
he revealed that the man who appeared in Putin’s New Year’s speech this year was one of his shadow warriors named Yevgeny Vasilyevich,
a carpenter from Belarus.

He also analyzed the fact that Putin’s speech this year was the shortest in history to avoid being identified as a shadow warrior,
and that this shadow warrior inadvertently spoke at another meeting last year,
saying that he knew how to make window frames.

The power in Russia is now with Patrushev,
the Secretary General of the Russian Security Council,
and Putin is being played by several shadow warriors,
he said.

A TV hijacking took place in Moscow and a broadcast warned people in Moscow that there would be an attack,
and the video shows the latitude and longitude of the Russian Federal Security Service,
the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces,
the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation,
and the Ministry of Defense of Russia,
which can be seen warning people to be careful.