Direct HIT: Ukraine Destroyed the Most Powerful Russian Weapon with HIMARS Missiles!

Direct HIT: Ukraine Destroyed the Most Powerful Russian Weapon with HIMARS Missiles!

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Recent developments in Ukraine’s fight against Russia show that Ukraine is effectively using its modern weapon systems to deal significant blows to the Russian Army. In particular, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System purchased by Ukraine from the United States is of great importance in this context.
A video shared on social media shows the Ukrainian Armed Forces hitting a high-value Russian target with the US-supplied HIMARS system. “Ukrainian HIMARS strike sends a Russian Giatsint-S artillery system into the underworld,” the video caption reads. This once again proves the effectiveness of Ukraine’s modern weapons.
The footage shows an aerial view of a target in a field surrounded by blown-up trees and smoke rising into the sky. There is also footage of soldiers fleeing the area after the attack. Although the authenticity of the video has not yet been verified, it is an important development in Ukraine’s war against Russia.
Since the start of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine’s modern weapon systems have inflicted serious losses on the Russian Army. Especially the effective use of artillery systems contributes to Ukraine’s ability to continue this struggle.
The US support to Ukraine also plays an important role in this context. The delivery of missile systems, which Ukraine hopes will make a difference on the battlefield, will further strengthen Ukraine’s hand in its war against Russia.

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