New Front Opened in Crimea! Ukraine Destroyed Russia’s Special Weapon in Crimea!

New Front Opened in Crimea! Ukraine Destroyed Russia’s Special Weapon in Crimea!

In the Ukraine-Russia war, the Ukrainian Army continues to organize successful operations against the Russian Army. As the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their attempts to advance on many fronts, they carried out an important operation in Crimea. Ukrainian defense units inflicted major damage on a Bastion anti-ship missile system located in temporarily occupied Crimea. According to Petro Andryushchenko, advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, this Bastion system was one of the carriers of the powerful Onyx anti-ship missiles used by Russia against Ukraine against ships. At the same time, Andriushchenko noted that radar stations were also damaged and a total of seven explosions occurred. The explosions took place at Cape Tarkhankut in the west of the occupied peninsula, Krymskiy was reported by a Telegram channel. These developments show that Ukrainian defenders are conducting effective operations against Russia’s military presence in the occupied territory, damaging strategically important targets. There was another important development today. Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited Ukraine for the first time. Rebelo de Sousa also announced that he will attend the celebrations of the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence on Thursday. Noting that representatives of other nations will also take part in the celebrations of the country’s independence, the head of state said that this year’s celebrations have an even more special meaning due to Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive, which is an expression of the country’s sovereignty. What do you think about the operation of the Ukrainian army? What do you think about the visit of the President of Portugal to Ukraine and his participation in the independence celebrations? We are waiting for your opinions.

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