Russia’s Nightmare Comes True! The Weapons Lithuania Sent to Ukraine are Arriving!

Russia’s Nightmare Comes True! The Weapons Lithuania Sent to Ukraine are Arriving!

Ukraine’s counter-offensive continues to shake the Russian Army. The Ukrainian Army, which has been in a state of defense for a long time, continues to liberate the regions under Russian occupation with the offensive operation it has launched in recent months. While the Russian Army has recently suffered from a shortage of weapons and ammunition, another support came to the Ukrainian Army. Lithuania announced a new military package for Ukraine. Lithuania’s military package includes many equipment for Ukraine, including NASAMS air defense system launchers. According to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, the new package includes launchers for NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-drone systems and other equipment. In addition, the Lithuanian Ministry said that Lithuania has delivered Mi-8 helicopters, L-70 anti-aircraft guns with ammunition, M113 armored personnel carriers, millions of rounds of ammunition and grenade launcher ammunition to Ukraine in the last seven months. Lithuania is also providing major support in training, medical treatment and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian army. Germany, one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters, announced that it has provided Ukraine with 1.55 billion dollars in financial aid since the beginning of the large-scale occupation. German Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko said: “Financial, military and humanitarian support is extremely important to effectively counter aggression. Germany is also one of the leading countries that supports our fight against Russia’s terrorist acts.”

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